Calling the pros for every plumbing issue in your home is time-consuming and costly. Now, don’t get us wrong: We love helping our Manhattan plumbing customers with problems big and small!

But if you’re feeling empowered to DIY your simple plumbing issues, we’re here to help you do that, too.

From regular maintenance to clogs to leaks, we’ve compiled 10 awesome plumbing hacks that will help you save money and headaches in the long run. 

Hack #1: The Emergency Shut-Off Valve

Let’s say you have an overflowing toilet that just won’t stop or a busted pipe in your basement. Your first step is to shut off the water at the source! Knowing where your emergency shut-off valve is can save you some costly clean-up, water damage, and mold issues.

Hack #2: Garbage Disposal 101

Knowing how to use your garbage disposal correctly helps you avoid repairs and blockages. There are several things you should never put down your disposal:

  • Fibrous foods, like celery, asparagus, or sprouts
  • Fat