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How Do I Know if My Sewer Line is Clogged?

2023-03-02T17:54:47+00:00March 2nd, 2023|Plumbing|

A clogged sewer line is a red flag for bigger problems. If left alone, a small clog grows into a big clog, and the bigger the clog, the bigger the maintenance bill. Blocked sewer lines are inconvenient for many reasons. They can impede water flow, and drainage and cause nasty backups in your plumbing.

What to Do When Your Water Heater Leaks

2023-02-03T18:16:32+00:00February 3rd, 2023|Plumbing|

Water dripping from a hot water heater is a bad sign. Hot water heaters work in our homes all day without a second thought. Sometimes a leak can go on without even being noticed. As soon as you recognize puddles or dripping water around the tank, it’s time to take action. So, why does

How to Know When It’s Time for a New Toilet

2023-01-02T12:46:23+00:00January 2nd, 2023|Plumbing|

Toilets go through a lot. It’s no surprise that eventually our toilets need to be replaced. In fact, most professionals recommend swapping out your toilet once every 10 to 15 years. It may last longer if properly maintained, but generally, you’ll need a new one eventually. The question then stands, how do we know when